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Eye Care

Focus on Eye Care Now or Live to Regret It!

Every day in America, a small fortune is spent on skin care and eye enhancing cosmetics like mascara and eye pencils, but surprisingly little thought goes into eyecare.

Our eyes may well be the mirror of our souls, but they remain firmly at the bottom of the list where health care is concerned. That is, until we are faced with eye problems or worse yet eye disease, and then it is often too late.

And yet, blindness is the most feared disability, according to the National Institutes of Health (NIH). Close your eyes for a moment and imagine how you would get along every day with poor eyesight, or worse yet, completely blind.

Your children or grandchildren’s faces nothing but a blur; birds you can hear but no longer see; a bright sunny day reduced to a warm feeling on your skin, without the bright blue sky and the fluffy white clouds, and the pretty flowers smiling up at you…

Many illnesses threaten our eyes as we grow older, which is why good eyecare at an early age is so important. Proper eye care does not only consist of regular eye examinations and wearing sunglasses to protect our eyes against both UVA and UVB rays, but first and foremost of good everyday ocular nutrition.

Good Eyecare, Bright Outlook

The longer you go on ignoring the needs of your eyes, the more likely you are to regret it later. Do yourself a favor: just stop for a moment and consider which of your senses you would rather be deprived of, given a choice.

Most people would agree that sight is the sense they can’t imagine living without. Being forced to subsist without eyesight is very scary. But since our eyes are the doorway to much of our perception, our quality of life would plummet as well.

It is through our eyes that we capture the look of delight on a child’s face after spotting granny. How else could we truly do justice to nature and its marvelous seasonal bounty? Ignorance may be bliss, but with time working against you, is that a bet you really wish to take?

Sure, good eye skin care is important to how you look and feel, but why not make high quality eye care antioxidants part of your daily routine as well? Isn’t your eyesight worth it?

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