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Healthy Aging

Aging: Is There More to It Than Anti-Aging Creams and Fine-Tuning Muscles?

As the war against aging rages on, the focus remains primarily on appearance. Anti-aging skin care and anti-aging diet are clearly at the forefront of the aging battle. Eye care and joint care are rarely addressed until lower vision or joint pain remind us that we have been aging all along. We may not wish to think about aging, but we can only ignore aging concerns at our own peril.

Eye Care the Loser in the Battle Against Aging

While aging men and women concentrate their efforts on maintaining or reshaping their physique, eye care remains largely ignored until a vision problem confronts us. Then it suddenly tops the agenda. It is no wonder that in the United States alone, blindness from macular degeneration threatens four million people. Although blindness is the most feared disability, people don’t think of making eye care a priority.

Bilberry has a long history of supporting eye care. It is well known that during World War II, Royal Air Force pilots ate bilberry jam to support their vision during night missions. While bilberry may help reinforce visual acuity, it also offers essential support for overall eye care.

Lutein, extracted from marigolds, is a powerful antioxidant and is also closely associated with eye care, primarily as a source of protection against macular degeneration. Antioxidants are also believed to play a role in eye care by protecting the eyes from the harmful effects of free radicals and from harmful toxins in the environment.

Dealing with Aging Joint Pain

There are means of providing joint support by slowing down the effects of aging on joints and helping with joint pain:

. glucosamine sulfate may help support the cushioning effect of cartilage and prevent the natural breakdown caused by aging

. MSM, a natural part of all living plant and animal tissues, is well known to reduce joint pain, while at the same time enhancing flexibility

. While the anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric and boswellia may support the whole body, boswellia is also reputed to help aching muscles and back pain

. bromelain, an enzyme extracted from the pineapple, and peptizyme are known to reduce swelling in the joints and the muscles common to aging

Fight Premature Aging with Schisandra Berries

Rich in adaptogens, schisandra berries have long been used in China and Russia to combat stress and enhance mental as well as physical performance. They support the immune system in its fight against free radicals by offering protection against premature aging at the cellular level. As an adaptogen, schisandra is considered effective against a broad range of ailments and is used to support the lungs, kidneys, liver, and even to encourage sleep.

Rosemary for the Aging Immune System

Researchers believe that cell oxidation may be responsible for many changes commonly associated with aging, and may even be linked with Alzheimer’s. There is evidence to suggest that rosemary may contribute to memory enhancement.Rosemary has long been known to comprise more than a dozen antioxidant compounds. With its cascading effect on other antioxidants, rosemary leads the battle in the fight against free radicals and premature aging.

Anti Aging Skin Care

Once you have taken care of your eyes, joints and immune system, you deserve to pamper yourself. So go ahead and browse through our anti-aging skin care to your heart’s content.

Apart from the ubiquitous day lotion (with SPF15) or day cream, nighttime cream, and eye cream, you will find a decolletage cream with antioxidant protection, as well as a lip refiner to help moisturize and minimize the appearance of lines as well as increase lip volume. All with collagen-building glucosamine to support mature skin.

Wrinkles can add character to a face, but a little goes a long way! And it only makes sense to supply our skin with vitamins for nutrition and antioxidants for protection … not to mention age-defying collagen-building glucosamine. After all, our skin is by far the largest of our organs.

The decolletage cream is also very effective at minimizing the appearance of wrinkled skin in men’s throats and necks – so guys, don’t be shy. Your skin needs nourishing just as much as ours does…