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Weight Loss

The western diet offers little value when it comes to nutrition. Fast foods have become the staple of the American diet and are widely responsible for a whopping 64% of the U.S. population being overweight. Weight issues have created health problems which, if not addressed promptly, can quickly become deadly diabetes, cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, etc.

Five Simple Weight Loss Tips that Put Fad Diets to Shame

While programs to lose weight abound, few are actually based on proper scientific research and concern for safety. Good health starts with high-quality cellular nutrition, a solid start to safe and easy weight loss.

Weight Loss Tip #1

Start the day on the right foot with highly absorbable protein. Based on the Protein Digestibility Corrected Amino-Acid Score Test, a protein that achieves the highest rating of 1.0 is 100% absorbable and therefore efficient for increasing lean muscle tissue and decreasing fat.

A healthy meal replacement shake low in fat, high in fiber, and rich in heart-healthy soy protein will keep you feeling full longer. A first step in a safe weight loss plan – easy weight management for better health.

Weight Loss Tip #2

A high-quality multivitamin with essential nutrients and antioxidants will supply the vitamins, minerals and herbs needed to provide basic nutrition for healthy weight control and overall good health. But buyers beware: all multivitamins are not created equal. A multivitamin that is not absorbed by your system is quite literally money down the drain. Did you know that some over-the counter multivitamins can have a rate of absorption literally as low as 2 or 3%?

Weight Loss Tip #3

Protein plays a vital role in diet and weight management. Add a protein powder with no sugar, yeast, or fat to your meal replacement shake to keep hunger at bay and help maintain or build lean muscle mass and reshape your body. When you build lean muscle, you increase your metabolism and as a result, you burn more fat! Lose weight safely, without sacrificing to hunger.

Weight Loss Tip #4

No time for a proper meal? The perfect diet solution to lose weight while on the go: an instant meal with the antioxidants equivalent to one serving of fruit and the calcium equivalent of one glass of milk. Even if you are lactose- or dairy-intolerant, weight need not be a concern: you can have a quick and healthy cholesterol-free meal with high protein and essential nutrients for overall vitality as part of a safe weight loss program.

Weight Loss Tip #5

High levels of stress inherent in today’s society can extract a heavy toll on our immune system. Poor diet and digestion contribute to fatigue, stressing the immune system even further. Powerful antioxidants, together with select nutrients and botanicals, can help support nutrient absorption and optimize cellular energy production.

Natural cellular nutrition: your fuel for good health and your starting point for a healthy diet and safe weight management.