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Stress Management

Insomnia, Stress, or Anxiety Messing Up Your Life? Natural Relief for Sleep & Stress Issues

A hectic lifestyle has become the norm for the majority of people these days. Dealing with the tug-of-war between workplace and family life has meant an increase in the level of stress we are subjected to, often leading to insomnia and sometimes having serious health consequences. However, a few moments’ peace and quiet to relax every day, whether meditating or doing yoga or other forms of exercise, are a luxury we can’t always afford.

Being short on time and long on stress need not leave you feeling drained and helpless – or worse, threaten your health. For centuries and even millenia, people around the world have resorted to herbal nutrition for help in dealing with anxiety and stress relief naturally.

Just Say ‘NO’ to Chronic Stress and Anxiety

Low levels of stress or anxiety can sometimes be good motivators. However, in excessive amounts, they can deplete our resistance and make us prone to all kinds of illnesses: high blood pressure, digestive problems, neck tension, backache, headache, fatigue, and more. Basic concern for our health dictates that we address this issue by focusing on stress management.

The hectic pace of today’s society means that stress has become part and parcel of our everyday life. So much so that most of us forget to take off time, opt out of the rat race and make a concerted effort to get off the hamster wheel.

Many cultures have long relied on certain plants for natural stress relief, without grogginess or side effects. Ashwagandha, for example, has been recognized in India for millenia for its calming properties. Traditional Chinese medicine holds Jujube Seeds in high regard when dealing with irritability and insomnia. Europeans, on the other hand, have long favored Passionflower for its calming properties and as a sedative. A combination of these three herbs can be a powerful deterrent to stress.

Insomnia Can Do WHAT?

There is more to insomnia than meets the eye. Not only can it leave you feeling exhausted, sluggish and cranky, but it may also produce mental impairment and memory loss. It can result in the depletion of the immune system, leaving it prone to illness. So, not only can’t you sleep, but now you have to wonder about your health? Not to worry, with lavender to the rescue, no need to start counting sheep!

People have long resorted to passionflower, hops, valerian and lavender in order to encourage sleep and as a deterrent for insomnia. Getting up in the morning refreshed and rejuvenated after a good night’s sleep unfortunately remains but a dream for many. Normalized sleeping patterns mean more hours of rest during the night as well as improved quality of sleep, leaving us less likely to get stressed, and better equipped to face whatever challenges life chooses to throw at us. Just bring it on!